By – Traci Taylor
November 2016

A longing for that sense
of comforting emotion

No longer is its frequency
surrounding like walls
of a once familiar room

Days pass that often
feel like centuries

Yet no change has occurred
the insides of my soul
still feel shattered

With plenty of missing
pieces of glass

The pen continues
to flow on paper
but no text has yet to appear

Every hour leads to question
distinctly knowing there’s no answer

Waiting for golden ocean eyes
with a heart of porcelain
to gaze into the broken glass mirror
and repair the promised impossible


Returning Darkness

By- Traci Taylor
January 2015

Storm clouds take over the sky
and suddenly unwanted familiar feelings resume.
Darkness can be consuming.

It’s like being at the top of the glorious mountain
and swiftly pushed into the cold black hole of despair.
An unwelcoming bitterness takes over.

Running a straight line
and it curves slowly into a circle already covered in well known footprints.
Fighting a battle against the past is daunting.

The taste of salt is unpleasant
and the overwhelming reminder of a buried feeling encompasses.
Unfortunately the war was never won,
but merely pushed into a corner to later destroy a temporarily fixed wound.