In Search of Better Days

By- Traci Taylor
March 2015

Among the horizon of city lights
I gaze out and feel a smile form on my face.
The comfort of lights is my substitute for the lack of a salty ocean breeze.

Discovering peace outside of myself,
I’ve learned to appreciate my surroundings.
There is discoverable gratitude in the world.

No longer are the days filled with grey sky bitterness
Even in the snowy days there exists peace in the cold.
Sometimes it is a matter of realizing it’s about perspective.

How we view unfortunate weather may reveal a lot
about the genuine insight of who we are.
To appreciate a thunderstorm is to see the sunshine of hope for better days.


Eyes Closed

By- Traci Taylor
December 2014

With eyes closed the smell of the ocean becomes more significant.
The sound of the waves crashing is like music to the ears.

Certain moments in time bring the senses to life.
Songs of the past unravel memories from the distance

Music is the soothing bridge to inner peace.
Words and rhythm combined create colorful poetry.

The musician is the most powerful story teller,
Relating to the hopeful people effortlessly with their words.

With eyes closed the world maintains its beauty,
wherever music is heard like the high tide of the ocean.