Heart of Serenity

By- Traci Taylor
December 2016

Blank space
gives way
to an ocean
of turquoise

Open hearts
that were surrounded
by steel gates

The silver key
unlocks the entry
to a path
paved with uncertainty

One day the map
will lead
to the treasure
that was buried
but forgotten

Trying to make sense
of scrambled
and feelings

and loss
are part of
this journey

Take my hand
and guide
me to
the serenity
I lost
along with
my heart


Eyes Closed

By- Traci Taylor
December 2014

With eyes closed the smell of the ocean becomes more significant.
The sound of the waves crashing is like music to the ears.

Certain moments in time bring the senses to life.
Songs of the past unravel memories from the distance

Music is the soothing bridge to inner peace.
Words and rhythm combined create colorful poetry.

The musician is the most powerful story teller,
Relating to the hopeful people effortlessly with their words.

With eyes closed the world maintains its beauty,
wherever music is heard like the high tide of the ocean.