By- Traci Taylor
December 2015

The darkness makes the off switch seem simple,
but then I realize what is there when the light is turned on.

Imagine a life not knowing what it means to feel normal.
It’s the kind of life that has more speed bumps than smooth roads.

It’s shutting your eyes so tight hoping that when you open them-
an entire new life is waiting for you with open arms.

Imagine a life growing up as a kid where only one side shows unconditional love-
and trying so hard as an adult to believe that’s what makes you strong.

The only thing that defines strength is the light within ourselves,
it’s the courage to get out of bed every day.

Imagine a life where darkness only comes around when you’re sad,
instead of insurmountable looming periods of time.

Is love enough?
I imagine the hope of love is, and for now that’s all there is.


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