By- Traci Taylor
October 2014

The distance to the horizon makes me feel the air of the present.
Nothing else matters but the smell of the crisp cool air.
Never have I felt so alive, since the moment I sipped from a glass.

Being sober in the moment of autumn has never felt quite as golden.
The overpowering sensation of the sounds of voices in the distance,
Life is happening in every moment that we take a breath.

Standing on this wooden platform looking out into the sky.
The clouds are the background to the skyscrapers standing so tall.
How incredibly lucky I am to be alive on this day in October.

Life is so easily taken for granted, but sometimes it is hard to fight.
Walking through a dark forest of melancholy alone is agonizing.
Remember that not every person sees the sun when it is shining so bright.

Sometimes it takes a metaphorical slap in the face to be grateful for being alive.
Feeling raw, strong emotion without choosing to be numb is in fact courage.
There is no way to be one hundred percent in the present without self love.


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