Forest and Rain

By: Traci Taylor
August 2014

Through the fallen trees of the chaotic forest that I have been walking through since I first stepped foot into the wild, nothing had ever been simple. There was always some obstacle, some sort of certainty that nothing would ever come together. Everything around me was bound to fall apart. I’m still terrified of the path I am on. In recent moments I have felt peaceful even though I am not positive I am on the right trail to get out of the woods. Nothing in my path has ever made sense quite like her. Even in my darkest of days, I remind myself I didn’t completely luck out on my journey. I was terrified when I thought I had lost the trickle of light that shines through the leaves. Then I was brought a rainstorm and things made sense again. When the sun gets too hot to handle, the rain eventually comes down to replenish the forest.


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