Where is the Love?

By: Traci Taylor
Written in 2012 for an English course at Millersville University

Where is the acceptance?
Where are the open minded people?
Where are the people that love one another without judgment?
The acceptance is rare, those people are few, and that judgment will always exist.

1. Acceptance is something, in today’s society especially, that is rare. Whether it is gender, sexuality, or a race acceptance issue, the problem exists. As a society grows and more people become willing to not judge or hate others; there are twice as many others who turn their backs in light of their hatred. Life can be difficult for someone who has to deal with what others consider to be “different.” Even though segregation is over between the blacks and whites, the cults and hate groups still exist. Hate will never dwindle, as long as people continue to teach one another to hate. The main issue in the place we live in is sexuality. No matter how far society may come to learn to accept each other no matter race, religion, gender, or sexuality, there will always be the ones who turn away in disgust.

2. My writing is a poem because it poses a question and follows the ubi sunt format. It raises questions of serious issues and gives statements to those questions in the end. There is real emotion in what I wrote, therefore in my eyes, it is a poem.

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