Music is the Key to Our Heart

By: Traci Taylor
for an English course in April 2012

Travel with me to San Francisco,
Let us find the birth place of the Dead,
We will fall in love to distant forgotten sounds,
The music will combine our souls as one.

Ashbury will remind me,
Music is the key to our heart,
If you let me show you,
I will make you love me.

The sunshine will brighten your hair,
Herbs and brew will loosen your mind,
My words were meant to convince you,
Go with me to San Fran to love and forget.

Description: My only true inspiration to this invitation poem was watching a Grateful Dead documentary. The invitation poem that gave me the construct idea was “The Bait” by John Donne. The thoughts for San Francisco and The Dead were watching a documentary on the band on how they began. I tied my own feelings into the thought because I do wish to travel to the West Coast, find love, and discover the birth place of one of my favorite bands. The poem is very literal and a connection to my own life aspirations.


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