By: Traci Taylor
Written in June 2012

It was June. I remember the night as if it happened yesterday and it gives me chills down my spine. The fear I felt that night is a feeling no one should endure. It was crap. I mean human beings weren’t put on this Earth to ruin one another’s lives were they? I sure as hell thought so that night. My brother’s face was over taken by tears and my father looked so broken, unsure of how to feel. No one spoke to me right away, they both just stared. I realize now they were too in shock to speak. The night had finally come when my mother had reached her breaking point. There had been days and nights before when she had lost it, but it finally had come to her driving into the telephone pole by the old ice cream parlor off of 3rd avenue.

SIDE NOTE: This is the beginning to a short story I never finished.


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