I Heart NY

By: Traci Taylor

The ocean waves crash down and my eyes are closed dreaming of city lights. The time span of the distance between me and where I belong is eternal. The road ahead seems never ending with block roads galore. To shorten the distance seems impossible. Success is my goal and the sounds of the cars along Broadway would confirm. Every stop along the way has proven failure and disappointment. To think those incidents have only made me stronger is too optimistic for my taste. My head is filled with dreams. The center of it all is to reach out to people and help change a life through words. The only scenery I wish to awake to is the building across the way or the trees in Central Park. Words have yet to bring me success is an ordinary life. Obstacles are the fear of the writer. I wish to be more than I am. My soul will never be satisfied with a small town. I crave the smell of the hot dog stands, the bright lights, and the ridiculous tourists with their I heart New York shirts. I want it all. I want everything. I want to be known.


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